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March 14, 2003 - Linux Modeleasy+ 5.4 is now available.

EMCC is pleased to announce that Release 5.4 of Modeleasy+ is now available for PC Linux platforms. 

This release of Modeleasy+ is a new release of Modeleasy+ which is greatly enhanced over the 5.3x releases available on other platforms. Included in this release is a VAR operation which will provide a powerful analysis tool for VAR models. Another new feature of this release is the inclusion of HTML Help and Tutorial files which are launched from menus and viewed with a Web browser. The standard Help and Tutorial files are also included for compatibility. Manuals in PDF format are now included and may be viewed separately or by launching from a menu.

This version of Modeleasy+ has an enhanced graphical interface with expanded functionality to allow users more flexibility in tailoring the Modeleasy+ environment. Another enhancement in the Linux version is the inclusion of a Ghostscript graphics driver which allows users to interactively preview their Postscript graphs.

The Linux platforms supported in this release are Mandrake 8.x, Mandrake 9.0, Red Hat 7.x, Red Hat 8.0, SuSE 7.x, and SuSE 8.x. Although these platforms are the ones on which Linux Modeleasy+ 5.4 has been tested extensively, it is likely that this release will also work on other Linux distributions.

Modeleasy+ 5.4 will be available on Windows, Solaris, and AIX platforms in the next few weeks.

To obtain a trial version of this exciting release click hereTo read more about the Modeleasy+ Release 5.4 click here.


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