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Model Processing Language Examples

Example of the MPL ESTIMATE Command

ESTIMATE General Syntax

Modeleasy+ uses the command ESTIMATE to perform estimations of models. Various algorithms are selected by supplying keywords to this command, with the default algorithm being Ordinary Least Squares (OLS).  The general syntax of the command is:

      ESTIMATE ( model_name [,eq_list] [: optional_keywords] )

where "model_name" is the name of the model (written in the Modeleasy+ MDL) to be estimated. The optional syntax, "eq_list" may be used to select a specific list of equations in the model which are to be estimated. The "optional_keywords" are used to select the algorithm for the estimation, as well as the statistical tests which are to be performed on the quality of the estimation, among others.


Klein1 Model
Examples of

For example, in order to estimate a model such as the Klein1 model using the OLS algorithm, the simple command

                  ESTIMATE ( klein1 )

is used. If the Generalized Least Squares algorithm is desired, then the command would be

                ESTIMATE ( klein1 : gls )

which selects the GLS algorithm. If only the consumption equation is to be selected for OLS estimation, then the command

               ESTIMATE ( klein1, consumption )

would be used.

Other options to the ESTIMATE command control the statistical tests that are done.



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