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The Model Processing Language

MPL provides economists with extensive analysis tools and utilities to examine models.

Easily Remembered  Vocabulary The Modeleasy+ MPL contains two powerful commands that are familiar to all economists - ESTIMATE and SIMULATE.

ESTIMATE allows the estimation of the coefficients of a model, and SIMULATE solves the model. Since the MPL contains these two powerful commands, the user can immediately start analyzing a model without having to learn an extensive vocabulary.

Optional Keywords Optional keywords enable fine tuning and total control of the analysis.

The use of optional keywords with the ESTIMATE and SIMULATE commands allow the user to control the details of the model's analysis. For example, the use of the "GLS" keyword with the ESTIMATE command causes the analysis of the model to be done by the GLS algorithm instead of the default OLS algorithm.

Tools and Utilities Supporting tools and utilities enhance the power of the basic commands to perform more advanced analysis of the model.

These tools can be used to set options to be applied to all estimations, controlling both the algorithm used as well as the statistical tests done to determine the quality of the estimation. There are also tools which control aspects of the model simulation. Utility commands can be used to control the output of the analysis for purposes of saving the results for inclusion in a report, for example.


The analysis of a model consists of executing one or more commands from the Model Processing Language (MPL). The form of a command in the MPL is typically:

analysis_operation    model_name   [ option_list ]

where "analysis_ operation"  is the name of an MPL command, such as ESTIMATE or SIMULATE, and "model_name" is the name of the model being analyzed. There are usually additional command options which may be specified as indicated by the "option_list".

Examples Click here to see examples of the Model Processing Language.
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