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Modeleasy+ Solves the Efficiency Problem
 of Research Economists Worldwide

Modeleasy+ is the powerful, advanced econometric modeling package that will maximize your performance at every step of the modeling process.  This high performance econometric research tool will increase your productivity through its remarkably smart design and features geared to efficiency.

     Modeleasy+ is feature-rich including the following:

Ability to read and write data from many sources.
Automatic conversion to executable modules.
Syntax based in econometric terminology with easily used commands.
Easy and quick manipulation of large amounts of data and thousands of equations, each with unlimited number of variables.
Powerful numerical engine and high-performance numerical routines resulting in simulations with model execution at unparalleled speeds.
Facility allowing for unparalleled model analysis.

Modeleasy+ was designed by economists for economists with features that outperform the competition.  

Modeleasy+ is available world-wide for most hardware platforms.  Try Modeleasy+ for yourself.  Click here for a free trial version.







Modeleasy+ . . . a must for every high-level econometrician.


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